Saturday, October 2, 2010

Volleyball (or the Most Annoying Thing in My Life)

When Michael lived at home, his father would not allow him to participate in any extracurricular activities. So, when Michael asked if he could play on the school volleyball team, I immediately told him to go for it.

How stupid I was.

Now, don't get me wrong; I think it's great that Michael is finally getting to represent his school for something. He starts on the team and is the captain! However, his volleyball coach is, in one word, ridiculous.

Michael came home shortly after joining the team, and informed me that he and his teammates were fundraising for new uniforms. New uniforms became new uniforms and new shoes. New uniform and new shoes became new uniforms, new shoes, and a matching bag. The total? $160. "Don't worry, Rachel. That's why we're fundraising."

A pickathon and a car wash later, Michael tells me that he is $60 short. I thought, "Wow, he raised 100 bucks; not bad," and gave him the cash.

Not too long after, he came home with his new uniform. It was not was I was expecting. It was not worth the amount we paid for it. It didn't even have his name on the back and the coach changed his number. I asked where his shoes were and he informed me that the coach won't let them take their shoes home because "they might lose them." Ummmm, those kids fundraised/paid for their shoes, so they should be able to take their shoes home. Not cool.

His coach also likes to have practice at his house instead of at school. They have practices at 6am on Saturday mornings. Their practices on weeknights ends at dark. At least he provides transportation home. Thank goodness Michael does most of his homework at school, because as soon as he is home, he is exhausted. He does his chores, eats dinner, and falls asleep at around 9pm.

The things that have killed me the most about his coach:

1. One time, his coach got mad that the kids were late to practice at his house on a Saturday. So, he called another practice that afternoon. The kids got there on time. The coach did not. One and a half hours later, the coach showed up, drunk, and told the kids to go home.
2. When I drop Michael off for Saturday morning practices, the kids are cleaning the coach's yard! I asked why, and it's supposedly because it's "payment" for the coach providing drinks during practice.

I would complain to the school, but I am afraid that something will be brought up about me not legally being Michael's guardian.

I cannot wait until volleyball season is over.

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