Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lou Tina (or the Best Feeling Ever)

Yesterday, Michael, his girlfriend Grace, and their friend Phoenix (who is also on Michael's volleyball team) got together to work on a group project for one of their classes. They went to Moana o Sina nearby to record stuff. They went swimming in our apartment's pool when they finished. Grace had to rush home and I went with Michael to drop Phoenix at home.

On the way back from Phoenix's house, my phone rang for Michael (he doesn't have his own phone anymore because of rain & forgetfulness). Now, my Samoan is by no means excellent, but I can typically piece together the gist of conversations as long as I hear both sides of the conversation. When I only hear one side, I pick up bits and pieces.

Michael was talking and I hear him tell his friend that he just dropped off Phoenix and that he was on the way home. His friend must have asked who he was with and who answered the phone, because Michael said, "blah blah blah i le ta'avale blah lou tina blah blah."

Translation: "blah blah blah in the car blah my mom blah blah."

I thought I misheard him. He got off the phone and I asked, "Michael, did you just say you were with your mom in the car?"


"You just called me your mom?"

"Well, you take care of me, you pay for the stuff I need, you do all the things that a mom does, so you deserve to be called my mom."

It took everything I had to not stop the car and start crying.


  1. Wow. Good job honey. That's security.

  2. Thanks, Doc. I couldn't believe it. He was raised by his stepmom because his mother passed away from breast cancer when he was only a few years old. He doesn't really remember his biological mom. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)